Мерседес бенц как бмв х6

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  • Дата публикации: 05 January 2018
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Enakhumhe God'stime 06 January 2018

You re such a cheat man! how come you make commentary on the benz and don t say a word on the X6 (Well, weather you say something or not, BMW X6 still remains the best.) You re a cheat.

duc le 13 January 2018

X6 looks way more stylish. The GLE looks rounded and ugly.just an ugly wanna be x6.

Mike x5m 16 January 2018

The gle is copy from BMW X6. Shame on the Mercedes they can t design there own car. Bad author, no comments for BMW. Obviously BMW don t need any additional comments the quality features and style tells everything them selfs

Diana Hurtado Torres 20 January 2018

I don t know what to do, for me the BMW looks better than the Mercedes, but i prefer Mercedes interior because looks more stylish for me

Dung Hà 24 January 2018

tôi ước có 1 chiếc bmw x6 này quá

seow mingjie 28 January 2018

love x6 comment pls comment haha, love gle coupe pls comment lol. ^^

BRops Kips 02 February 2018

There is a lot of Suzuki in there in the GLE

Maverick Jacobs 04 February 2018

This is a horrible video. No commentary. No background music. Just NO.

The3rownie 08 February 2018

Nice, I have the 430i car so I think the GLE coupe SUV would be a nice addition.

Mcgyver B 11 February 2018

The Mercedes looks much better than the BMW, but the BMW has a better interior styling.

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