Тахо шевроле в кредит

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  • Дата публикации: 10 May 2018
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blindabinda123 11 May 2018

Doesn t the lane assist vibrate your leg or something if your swaying into another Lane.

XGamer [CRO] 15 May 2018

who the heck needs a v8 in a suv

Rita Williams 20 May 2018

This guy is a great car salesman super hilarious!

Cyle West 22 May 2018

Very expensive but I love my Tahoe awh man words can’t explain the love I have for my Tahoe lol has everything and then some

Obi Ezeigwe 29 May 2018

Bang bangage! This video made my day! 🤣

Hassanoviç 01 June 2018

are you crazy man? why you talk like this!


you are amezing hhhhhhhhhhh i love u from iraq

AD M 09 June 2018

Review yukon denali and Escalade platinum

World Wide 12 June 2018

Best man for cars review in youtube

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