Аккумулятор ситроен берлинго 1 4

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  • Дата публикации: 05 January 2018
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Adina Alecse 06 January 2018

Excelent, multumesc! Niciodata n-am vazut negativul bateriei si nici nu mi imaginam cum se poate scoate capacul de protectie. Stii cum s-ar putea porni o alta masina cu baterie in pana de la un C4? Multumesc!

kenny lc 10 January 2018

A Adrian thank you so much for this tutorial. I used this to change the battery for my 2010 Citroen berlingo. Everything went according to plan and I got a easter discount from the store too. Thank you again for this very informative video.

Andy Davis 16 January 2018

Don t forget the BSI Reset whenever you disconnect a battery

philfromwales 20 January 2018

Takk from Norway! It took 30 minutes but we got the battery out :-)

David Bell 26 January 2018

Thanks for the really clear video, but seriously Peugeot, it s just a battery, what were you thinking?

BİYOMEDİKAL Fsm 27 January 2018

is it same for 2013 c4 II e-hdi 115?

deputy dog 02 February 2018

many thanks for video great help from scotland

ChuckNinja Kawasaki 08 February 2018

Great video and has helped many people such as me. Shame on Citroen for making it so difficult just to remove a car battery 😡

Philippe Thomine 15 February 2018

Ne faut-il pas enlever la cosse négative en premier pour éviter le risque de court-circuit?

Telmo Miranda 18 February 2018

Thanks! I have just one question. In all sites i ve read that first we disconnect the negative terminal and then the positive terminal. When connecting all back, first positive terminal and then negative. But in this case it doesn t seem possible. Whats your opinion?

P Murphy 23 February 2018

Thanks for a great video, it got me out of large hole, cheers

Mette Midbøe 25 February 2018

Thanks very much for sharing. This took a complicated looking job and made a 10 minute fix!

Daniel Laurentiu 28 February 2018

Ai cumva sistem cu subwoofer din fabrica? Sau cutie pilotata (robotizata)? Sau ambele 😁 pentru ce anume sunt sigurantele astea de pe baterie? Am vazut ca sunt extrem de mari.

Onica Daniel Petru 05 March 2018

bravo bre am cautat in limba engleza si am gasit in romana

Fuchsi 10 March 2018

I wonder how to do jump starting wit this car?

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