Додж вайпер веном 1000

рейтинг: 4.35 - 15 voice
  • Дата публикации: 13 January 2018
  • Просмотры: 1112
  • Длительность: 00:02:23

В этом видео: тюнинг, сайт, двигатель.


Wise Wolf 13 January 2018

I remember being a kid and reading in a advertisement in a rich guy car mag that there was a company that could double the hp of a hennesy viper for 100,000 Lol I have been looking for one but to no avail. Did I just dream that?

Rich S. 16 January 2018

Get rid of the silver rims. They suck. The car is awesome however.

Themayseffect 20 January 2018

Are those S1 Hankook tires still sold in Europe? they were discontinued a while ago in the states.

Christoph meister 24 January 2018

Die Viper hat den einzigen V10 Motor drin von allen Supercars den ich mir anhören kann ohne mich zu übergeben.wie bei diesen kack lambo oder ferrari da.

Van Porter 29 January 2018

What s the difference between these cars and a cactus? The pricks are on the outside of the cactus

Aurel427 31 January 2018

not a venom 1000, 650R max, but really nice looking! good video : )

xXTixerosXx 02 February 2018

Love the body kit minus the huge wing

JWT Supercars 05 February 2018

What a beast! Was this a sort of supercar gathering?

We Play Games! 06 February 2018

diese viper ist mit das geilste auto ever!

swsthebest1994 12 February 2018

Epic looking Viper! Awesome video mate! +1

bugattif430 13 February 2018

That sound Brutal! Viper coupe 2008 is still looks amazing! way better than the roadster!

アマ 16 February 2018

ein Traum. aber das bodykit an der viper ist einfach nur extrem hässlich, deswegen hat der fahrer die stoßstange bei 2:02 auch am boden geschrammt xD

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