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В этом видео: информация, цилиндр, fordфорд.


Selna Goodhead 05 January 2018

So where are the Warnings about the 2016 Hybrids?

staticxr 11 January 2018

Does anyone know the output voltages of the SOBDMC?

Kennex 17 January 2018

You bought Transaxle just for educational purposes! because of that you deserve like and subscribe. Thanks for great informations.

thomas kelly 19 January 2018

engine charges battery through inverter wastes 50% of power transfered in heat so hybrids over hyped.

Dj Klos 23 January 2018

Thank you for great information! I watch your videos all the time. You are awesome sir. Thank you again.

D. G. 27 January 2018

What make/model wet sand blaster do you have?

D. G. 29 January 2018

I thought 3 phases were id by A B C?

Martin Špina 05 February 2018

100th like! Great content. Thank you Professor Kelly.

Colin Davis 07 February 2018

Thank you professor, your videos are an inspiration. I was surprised to learn that the reactor module can reduce, (buck) voltage as well as boost it. Thank you.

jake ounce 11 February 2018

Many parts inside. Sure Ebay or Amazon may sell the parts needed, hopefully! Amazing how close those electronic parts are to each other-lots of shielding inside.

Paul Dusablon 15 February 2018

good info. I am independent mechanical inspector and am always learning.

MrBenthraxify 19 February 2018

These are really well made, do you use these videos as aides for your classes? Cool stuff!

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