Форд фокус 1998 2004

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  • Дата публикации: 18 February 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:07:45


Nicholas 18 February 2018

why are u holding the steering wheel like a fag?

Turkish Mapper 24 February 2018

I love this car this is soooo gooodddd ford is my life from turkey 👌👌

Fabian Thomas 01 March 2018

Sounds like a bearing droning needs sorting

t13dan 04 March 2018

I have an 02 Focus ZX3 and it s a phenomenal car. Really reliable and the 2.0 litre engine is fun as hell

grassi ghassen 08 March 2018

may be it s the best ford ever made

Okan Aydin 10 March 2018

habe den 1.6 mit dem 1.8 verglichen. Von der Drehfreude und Durchzug her sind die beiden Gleich schnell. Habe den 1.6 er in der Stufenheck version Ghia Ausstattung bj 2000. 199.000 km und der läuft super. Die Reifen im Video haben Sägezahn man kannst kaum Überhören! 👍

Titanhearth 15 March 2018

very nice car to drive. mine is 1.4 petrol, 2004. I was trying to get 1.6, but it wasnt there at the time. Good car.

CoatedTrout4 21 March 2018

Had a 2004 focus similar to this when I was in high school. Unfortunately I got into an accident with it a month ago and it met its untimely doom :( R.IP first car

Oxter 24 March 2018

i have this car is for focus 2001 1.4 no diesel

The Goahead Mpire 26 March 2018

this car has a strong reputation in England

Antson Richard 31 March 2018

looks good. is the power delivery good at any revs or does it need working the gears?

Sam Plays 07 April 2018

Who here has this car I do but it s 1.9

DarkAlex 14 April 2018

This car is simply amazing, I bought one about 2 years and a half, and I simply love it. I only changed the front grille, that back thing to open the trunk, and the interior handles for the chromed ones, fixed some dents, and the car is like brand-new. Simply beautiful

Salahadin 17 April 2018

My 2000 MK1 has to wait about month in best case, because on February I have driver license exam. And It hasn t been turned on since 2015 xD Hope the Focus will work.

Air BLOODELF 23 April 2018

Fuck fuck fuckety fuck fuck fuckania

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