Клуб форд фиеста нью

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  • Дата публикации: 08 May 2018
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DJMatthy 09 May 2018

THE new ones are bettet cant wait tto tune one (iam 13)

Onlyonejosiff 15 May 2018

nice! :) i am waiting to get my fiesta 1.4 from gradge just wonderd if i can upgrade as much things as lets say the mk7 thanks :)

Marrion Cipriano 22 May 2018

Hi Guys! I just wanna ask is it possible to tune the Ford Fiesta Mk7 1.6 Ti-VCT PS ECU? thanks.

Tuning Channel 27 May 2018

They are - Team dynamics Pro race

Tuning Channel 29 May 2018

They are - Team dynamics Pro race

alex beattie 04 June 2018

could you help me out. what were the wheels on the blue fiesta at 0:33 and 1:23 cheers

Taylor Larkin 08 June 2018

@chicoice321 it s called a radio.

Tuning Channel 12 June 2018

@SickBoRedSick non ti so dire se vai sul forum del club la trovi chiedi della fiesta di dinuzzo

Tuning Channel 16 June 2018

@SickBoRedSick quelle della fiesta bianca?

Ксана Ледяева 20 June 2018

понравилось видео))) так много ФИЕСТ! )))

Tuning Channel 24 June 2018

@Xcorpion075 Hi,maybe You can see on ford fiesta tuning club Italy the sideskirts are Cadamuro

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