Land rover 1 series

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  • Дата публикации: 10 May 2018
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Kars Noordhuis 10 May 2018

I dont need to fall in love with it. I already did

Gunnar Kvinlaug 13 May 2018

Another future is that you can engage the 4WD in full speed without use of the clutch!

sief fezzani 17 May 2018

i h8 to ask but how do you stop the engine

Nick Goode 18 May 2018

Coolest car you own. my favourite part of the country too. North west Oxfordshire

Mean Bean 24 May 2018

I’d do anything to own one of these

David Bowiesson 28 May 2018

I do wish you would do more on this car!

Faraz Khan 29 May 2018

Is that a pro Brexit sticker at 8:34 lol

Guillaume Laplanche 03 June 2018

at 17:09 the oldie meets the more modern version.

Jim Simpson 08 June 2018

Absolutely loved this, the best review I have yet seen. 1954 automotive technology, those guys knew how to make something to last!

David Farmer 11 June 2018

I don t fancy hand starting that.

David Farmer 12 June 2018

I m going to take you around the details. it wont take long. :-o how could you. garden mower indeed

Edwin Henry Blachford 16 June 2018

well Harry, I watch your stuff with interest.. but this is the first time I ve uttered You Lucky Bastard. Odd really

Sunshine M. 18 June 2018

Harry, Can I please have this car! I need it in Africa!

Tom O'Hawk 19 June 2018

Great video and really nice landy, what sort of price should I expect to pay for one now?

iamrichrocker 25 June 2018

will never be able to pass off being British.just cannot say aluminum the way these Chaps s do.blimey.

Anglo Saxon 27 June 2018

Wonderful :-) Was hooked on the entire video from start to finish. And. I have seen it before!

mark pritchard 01 July 2018

I ve got a series 3, love these old things and you can have more fun in one off these then you can in a top spec Range Rover. I think of mine as a quick tractor, In low range it is a tractor.

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