2016 mazda rx 8

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  • Дата публикации: 07 May 2018
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Driven by madness 08 May 2018

I wish the R3 was sold in my country. But to make it up, i m gonna do an r3 conversion on my s1 Rx8 :D Great video!



AtomicAngel182 15 May 2018

Why are you hating cars you never driven?

Jerry Fernandez 19 May 2018

I really want to like it but I just can t

uralsmol 22 May 2018

all i hear is the engine fucking up and the gas and how it drinks a fuck ton of oil and floods and it just sounds unreliable as fuck

The Device MD 26 May 2018

It s actually more like 13 MPG highway 17 MPG highway. I owned one for 5 years.

chris ina 28 May 2018

I think it drinks a LOT of oil as well.

Hoang Hai Vu 03 June 2018

A piece of crap. Yeah! 1.3L, more power, faster speed. However, More money on seals, cooling system, engine oil, and low life expectancy. It s a nice invention, but for your wallet, I don t think so. Nothing can beat piston and cylinder.

northroad1 07 June 2018

People that bought these new got hosed but they re crazy good deals on the used market where few want them

Eff Taroza 11 June 2018

Wow, there will only ever be 3 guys who knew how to make the boringness of talking about Cars look like British Rock n Roll, TOP GEAR! The guy in this video, should get Knighted so we can call him Sir. William Snoar.

Nicholas Samayoa 17 June 2018

This was the only Mazda that I liked. Hope there s a rx-9 coming out soon.

viyau 20 June 2018

I considered one once but it was too low bad head room and it was tight all around. Im feet tall Also afraid of Rotary Engine issues.$$$$

GT6SuzukaTimeTrials 27 June 2018

There s a 2011 for sale by me with 48k miles asking $13,900 and it s tempting as hell.

RJ Lee 03 July 2018

Now yours for a bag of salted peanuts!

modesto vargas 04 July 2018

sounds like a piece of junk that looks nice

Raama Srivatsan 07 July 2018

Why is the gas mileage so low if the engine displacement is nonexistent?

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