C класс мерседес 2014

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  • Дата публикации: 05 May 2018
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Joseph 06 May 2018

This is the first review that it didn’t do well. Every other critic gave it great reviews.

Cleland Stephen 13 May 2018

Anyone experienced with the C180 petrol? Looking at a 2014 model, just for around town.

Christian W 18 May 2018

This guy complains about the space situation in the rear? Hey buddy, it s not much different back there in the Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series. It s adequate for small adults or children, and most buyers will accept this. Some cars are even worse in that regard (Lexus IS comes to mind).

dr 70194 22 May 2018

Ok a3 is better. You know better

Mitja Irsic 26 May 2018

This reviewer makes you feel depressed. You start feeling very lonely listening to him - like the whole world is made of equally boring, unimaginative, drab, old-stereotype rehashing people as he is. Sad world, indeed.

lawrence giordano 27 May 2018

what an awful review, did he really say it gets noisy on the motorway?

dr 70194 02 June 2018

Does the 200, 220 and 250 costs 1k pounds more than each other respectively?

Nigel Old & Grey 05 June 2018

i hate that screen, it looks like a cheap tacky add on from halfords

SA13 08 June 2018

you cant compare 3series, c-class and a3, a4 tho

Myron Cunningham 09 June 2018

who is the manufacturer of the airbag

Barney Miller 14 June 2018

They obviously don t like this car.

Barney Miller 16 June 2018

They obviously don t like this car.

Lee Smith 18 June 2018

Just watched the carbuyer review then yours. Can you explain how caybuyer fella was waxing lyrical about how quiet it was then you say it s really noisy. Where is this discrepancy coming from?

Guy 01 23 June 2018

just went on your, true mpg website and typed in 3 completely different driving styles in the same car and got 43.3 mpg on every result. so that makes me lose confidence in it.

Guy 01 30 June 2018

the infotainment system screen looks like a bit of an after thought to me.

iSukHelpPls 01 July 2018

I dont know why I m watching this. Cus I know I wont even buy it

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