Mercedes benz amg c 450

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  • Дата публикации: 02 March 2018
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Remi Andre' Pedersen 03 March 2018

The best car has top marks on all points, but it s probably impossible.

Young ThebZ 07 March 2018

I really like the personality and I think I will be getting one! Thank you men

Sizwe Ndlanzi 10 March 2018

I love BMW, but I d definitely go for this!

Brian Westfield 16 March 2018

That’s such a gorgeous interior ❤️

RagingTiger 22 March 2018

I like the personality, I hate the price

Ilya Elis 25 March 2018

How reliable are those? And do rear seats fold?

Michael Herrmann 26 March 2018

Motoman, I agree this is the way to go👍

phillip zamora 01 April 2018

Think I m buying this car also. Wow

Yahtadi Shidiq 05 April 2018

Why bmw 340i with less hp could have 4.4s 0-60! It aint even the xdrive one, the rwd one

christian Chichester 10 April 2018

Can I fast forward to the part in my life where I can buy this CASH, love this review. Also would get this with the grey quilted leather.

numbereightyseven 15 April 2018

Urgh. Why do Americans talk like hyped-up pre-adolescents.

danI43541 18 April 2018

Is there any visual difference between the normal C class with the AMG line and the 43/450?

ferr68 21 April 2018

Los peores 2 minutos gastados en mi vida. 27 April 2018

Certainly unusual car from a Mercedes (V6 twin-turbo AWD with a negative camber. sounds more like a rally car to me). I know it s not a full blown AMG (like most car enthusiasts would say), but still packs a punch. and those burbles and pops are addictive.

Kid Friendly Videos 01 May 2018

nice job, I want one of these next

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