Mercedes benz amg c 63 s

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  • Дата публикации: 07 May 2018
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Hengwei Zhang 08 May 2018

lol, even better than the new M5

Colby Terrell 09 May 2018

I love the Mercedes C63 AMG. Such a clean work of art and great attention to detail

courgargold 12 May 2018

$88k and they make the infotainment System look like an old iPad mini. 🤦🏻‍♂️ C’mon Mercedes, you can do better.

Mirza Munif 14 May 2018

quick question: how did u get that effect for ur video. the b rolls on point.

twilson4159 17 May 2018

What an awesome car. Mercedes Benz has done a good job at improving the quality and performance of the newer versions for their entire line up

Xhanti Peterson 21 May 2018

how do you make a comparison of two cars and only review one of them? that makes no sense.

DatDriftingBoi 22 May 2018

Why the MB C63 four-door looks like a CLA

Jace Cole 27 May 2018

Would you get the performance seats? I would really miss out not having the cooled option.

Jordan Wiesen 01 June 2018

Love this car! Can you list the full options list that come with this car your reviewed?

Ramdeep Singh 06 June 2018

This video is as reliable as a joke wearing a cap in a poop interior. Let the war begin.

Adam Good-Looking 08 June 2018

Everything s better than an m3 Parker!

Mitchell Staley 13 June 2018

Its better than am m3 cuz its a merc nuff said

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