Mercedes benz c class coupe

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  • Дата публикации: 14 March 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:07:27


carwow 15 March 2018

Save an extra £2,000 on a Mercedes C-Class Coupe with Mercedes‘ scrappage scheme. Find out how here:

hakan akdag 19 March 2018

How is road noise and how comfortable the suspansions?

Siphoesingumangaliso mbondwana 20 March 2018

can you please do an SUV review of the lx570 lexus?

Zayn_gaming 25 March 2018

C class coupe or Bmw M4 coupe? Which one should I get?

Urban Chaos 2.0 29 March 2018

This car is an ugly, slow, piece of shit.

theaveragehousecat 04 April 2018

Matt please read this: Mercedes put a classic signature on the windows as a clever business tactic so that if a window needs replacing or repairing the signature is a way of encouraging people to use genuine parts.

DK viking KD 08 April 2018

yeah, great. except the fake exhausts - enough to make me not want one.

missnurse78 13 April 2018

As a right handed person, i think id go crazy with all the electronics on my left.

Singh out Loud 16 April 2018

Proportions are all wrong. Back wheels are too small

johnathon palmer 20 April 2018

Have you got a review of the cla a recent one, 2017/2018?

D Green 22 April 2018

Great Review Matt as always. No.1 reviewer by far

Lorenzo Lanzara 28 April 2018

a shopping bag hook in the trunk. seriously. it s the emergency latch to open the trunk from the inside. It s mandatory in the USA.

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