Мерседес сл 500 2002 цена

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  • Дата публикации: 08 May 2018
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Randy Murray 08 May 2018

Nice way to throw your Detailer under the bus, would never buy a car from this guy

geoffdundee 09 May 2018

rear bumper looks resprayed as its a different white from all the rest of the car - front bumper colour is original.

Mark Tarver 12 May 2018

Be careful with these cars as the suspensions can be very expensive to repair and service.

James H 16 May 2018

Are the seats very firm on those cars? Haven t been in one for years

E. Simons 18 May 2018

Do A complete tune up (new spark plugs!) THEN give me your price.

M Sohhin 22 May 2018

joe you are a liar and scumbag.

Imperial Diecast 26 May 2018

The R230 pre-facelift generation is my favorite Mercedes SL front facing. They never managed to pull off that awesome look ever again.

David Duran 02 June 2018

don t like the mention of the guy who cleaned the wheels not once but twice. especially when it can t be seen on camera. why did you not just clean them & re-shoot the video. . to me bad taste Joe.

10010011 Midg 07 June 2018

Love the r230 thinking about buying an SL600. Feel like 12 Cylinders fit better to this car.

Michael Preiss 09 June 2018

Good video, my 04 SL500 has what i believe are some electrical issues. the instrument panel lights slightly dim and brighten when ideling and occassionally the seat belts make a clicking noise. also the glove box locked on me and couldnt get it to unlock, but love the car

Sinan Arslan 11 June 2018

If I were in the USA, I wouldn t think even a second to buy it. A 2005 SL500 costs $55.000 in my country.

Michael 13 June 2018

You do not have to hold the key in the turn pos as you start it. Just turn it once and let go.

Man from Nantucket 15 June 2018

SLR wheels are hideous, those are ever worse. I d sell them in a second if that was my car lol

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