Elie saab le parfum intense

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  • Дата публикации: 09 March 2018
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knittingdoula 10 March 2018

I d be so curious to see how Serge Lutens Fleurs d Oranger compared to Le Parfum Intense.

Doris Dady 16 March 2018

I don t like perfumes that has honey in them

DEKIKK 19 March 2018

I wear this one and the old opium on special nights, and lolita lempicka and alyssa ashley musk for every day. I always smell amazing!

SlimjadeyMeme 21 March 2018

I noticed the original has cedar whereas this doesn t. A few months ago I tried the original and I loved it except for the cedar note, would you say that this version is free from that nose stingy cedar-y note?

short perfume review 27 March 2018

i have the EDT, EDP and Intense version

Geeta Bhagia 29 March 2018

It has very strong amber. I have both versions and it s definitely intense to my nose.

Dylan 31 March 2018

Your eyes look all swollen and puffy, are you tired or is it allergies?

jazz girl 04 April 2018

I like all Elie Saab perfumes, Kurkdjian is very talented. :) I think my favorite one is the edt. :) Latest Rose version is lovely too. I also have the Resort flanker, but still can t make up my mind about it, it s a little bit too sweet for me. Reminds me of 90 s perfumes (but in a good way). )

ForeverFragrantKid 06 April 2018

Great review! I can t get enough orange blossom lately. :)

Ami Loves Perfume 10 April 2018

Excellent description! I love all of the Elie Saab perfumes and I only have one believe it or not! I really must get my hands on these 😊

Angel Wong 16 April 2018

so happy to see you do my favorite perfume review. Absolutely true as what you described to this perfume. Thumb Up.

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