Subaru xv crosstrek hybrid

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  • Дата публикации: 03 March 2018
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echarlie 89 03 March 2018

This vs an original vw beetle 0-60. I think the beetle would win.

RyBegz 10 March 2018

This is so depressing that I have to trade in my GTO for this. But I guess I gotta be more practical with the family now. Looking at putting a turbo in it. Why won t my wife just let me get a golf-r lol.

mj7100 17 March 2018

Why Subaru keeps neutering their cars?

WayywayyH 21 March 2018

I got 10 seconds in my non hybrid xv after a 7000 mile break in period. I tried paddles and auto mode, both about the same.

Mike Oxlong 23 March 2018

This guy sucks. I have a 2013 non hybrid w/ cvt and easily do it under 9 seconds.

Pieter Damsteegt 28 March 2018

Paddle shifters man. That s how you roll with the subie CVT things.

James Katt 02 April 2018

The Subaru Crosstrek XV Hybrid costs $30,000. Yikes. That is too much for a slow underpowered car, crossover, and SUV.

Özgün Demir 04 April 2018

wow, slow as shit, you d die when trying to overtake even a truck 

ACCORDingtoTom 10 April 2018

3:20 Is that Andre speaking English! Whoa!

Dr Afzal 11 April 2018

How come you guys didnt take this around the track? I want to know how it compares to the vw tiguan!

needforsuv 15 April 2018

11.3 is what my car with similar specs did according to manifacturer at sealevel

FrankMD11 20 April 2018

The regular Crosstrek with automatic transmission get 33 HWY. The hybrid weighs 300 pounds more. So what are you really gaining?

Moby Dick 27 April 2018

I like the car and The Cure background music.

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