Mini vci toyota tis techstream

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cyhuln 02 March 2018

Hi will this work on my 2003 Toyota Camry Altise ACV36R?

Art Uzumaki 09 March 2018

Does this work on Toyota Avensis Sedan 2008? Thank you.

Lime 14 March 2018

i have a question, so the Mongoose Pro equivalent for that cheap one you bought off ebay are exactly the same? One s $500, you re is probably less than $100

Zen Zen 19 March 2018

Please do you if it is possible to change the low speed for when the cruise control can be activated? The lowest speed I can activate cruise control in my 2014 Yaris Hybrid is 40kph and i would like this to be 30kph. Thanks

manbearpigsuncle 25 March 2018

Will this be usable on a 2001 Lexus GS430?

Mr Muscle 27 March 2018

Do belive in techstream it does not work if you have a keyless for Lexus is 259

Mambre Khachatryan 01 April 2018

Hi, can you change mile to km on dash with techstream?

Greg Bentz 07 April 2018

B2796 TOYOTA - No Communication In Immobilizer System Read more: I have this error and would like to disable the immobilizer. I am connected like you did in the video but do not see the option to disable the security

TheTransporter1461 11 April 2018

Is it possible to turn the alarm system on on a 2001 Toyota RAV4 using TechStream? And which features won‘t be available compared to the car in your video?

FABIAN RADWAY 13 April 2018

Speedkar. I just bought a key fob with chip in it for 2003 LEXUS ES300 from a junked vehicle @ local pick & pull salvage yard. can I use this system to program that key to my current 2003 ES300? Also, Will the key stem work for me or do I need to have one cut for me (it looks almost identical)

Fred Owuor 17 April 2018

anytime i connect the techstream it shows the? sign. kindly advice

Steven D. Lewis Jr. 22 April 2018

Does anyone know if this company also had something for Honda and Hyundai vehicles? Not just Toyota type vehicles. Ive tried searching Google but that is a huge waste of time.

Dragan Stanic 28 April 2018

Hi,Does Toyota Verso 2009 year 1.6 gasoline 97kw/132HP can accept and enable cruise control with this software, [email protected]

Red Fury 01 May 2018

Can i program the lock/unlock buttons with this program the door control module is bad on my gs400 and even if i cycle the locks manually it doesnt work

aureliomega 05 May 2018

what car did you program? i am planning to program master key and fob for a Highlander 2011, do you think this software will work? thank you!

yasir hussain 10 May 2018

can i busy this tool from China tools? this TIS can work offline?

Shiplu Miah 15 May 2018

Does this work for Toyota Auris (2012)?

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