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  • Дата публикации: 08 March 2018
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Joseph Duncan 09 March 2018

Stalone would be even more ready to arm wrestle fools with this thing

epSos.de 10 March 2018

Nice sleeping area. I think the lights need to be changed to warm yellowish lights, which helps to fall asleep faster. Also if you do not like the mattress, one can put a futon of any type on top.

Sillo _85 16 March 2018

Damn lovely truck nice job Volvo

G Ks 23 March 2018

I don t own a home. I bought a brand new truck and have been living in that for the last 5 years and have saved 500k.

Four Hundred Twenty Pixels+ 28 March 2018

But it needs gas lmao Make it all electric then you ll have innovation.

bootlegboo 01 April 2018

Just so y’all know, the truck shown is loaded. What your company buys could be much different. Unless you have 175,000 for an 880.

Matt Thompson 06 April 2018

Clicked on this video by accident, buying the truck on purpose

Gerald Randall 10 April 2018

How do you cancel idel shutdown?

Qeanu Bates 15 April 2018

I m so ready for some road trips!

Blase Maison 17 April 2018

Bratislava, Žilina, Nitra, Prievidza, Trnava,Trenčín, Nové Zámky, Poprad, Prešov, Košice.

Blase Maison 22 April 2018

Kristína 1987 /20.08./ Košice-Svidník, konzervatórium v Košiciach,

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